The Bucket List

  1. Continue learning to snowboard and how to play the piano. 
  2. Achieve a reasonable level of fluency in four languages other than English. (Japanese, German, Spanish and Tagalog).
  3. See the Northern Lights. And the Southern Lights as well. 
  4. Swim with whale sharks.
  5. Learn to surf (because as I’ve learnt, it’s expected that all Aussies know how to surf).
  6. Publish a book.
  7. Go on Safari in Africa.
  8. Road trip around Australia.
  9. Ride the Trans-Siberean Railway.
  10. Attend the Dawn Service at ANZAC cove.
  11. Travel to Brazil during Carnaval.
  12. Go to a Lantern Festival.
  13. Be in Japan for New Years and go to the Snow Festival as well.
  14. Go back to the Philippines and visit Lola Panning, Lolo and Aunty Linda’s graves. 
  15. Invade a Swiss Chocolate Factory. 

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