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Ich bin ein Berliner

That quote (from JFK, if you’re curious) coupled with ‘Mr Gorbachev, open this gate,’ (Ronald Reagan) are two of the few things I remember clearly from history class. Impressive, huh? Berlin actually featured quite heavily in my high school history class, we spent one semester studying the Cold War, and another WWII. Of course, as […]

A Week in the Life

Aka it’s ERAMUS baby! Although if we were to get technical I’m not actually an ERAMUS student. The point is though, that the ERAMUS/Exchange student lifestyle is absolutely crazy. Take this past week for example. I’m having extreme difficulty remembering exactly what I did when, but I ┬ádo know that everything I did was awesome […]

Oktoberfest: the Sober Experience

Last Monday night I was standing in the rain in Domplatz (Salzburg) watching the loudest fireworks display I’ve ever seen when a thought occurred to me. Not 24 hours ago I had been standing in the main train station in Munich trying on hats. And less than a week before that I was exploring Vienna […]