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A Short Summary of a Semester Abroad

When I finally received my letter of acceptance But then I had to apply for my visa So when I finally made it to Europe everything was full of wonder. I started to make friends, but there was that one British guy who always made convict jokes. And when I’d tell people I didn’t drink […]

I’m Dreaming of an Aussie Christmas

Eight days ’til Christmas! That’s how I would normally be at this point in the year. Yes, I am a ┬ánineteen year old who still gets excited about Christmas. But right now, I’m listening to Christmas music, watching Christmas movies and seeing all the Christmas things in shops and yet I just don’t have that […]

A Week in the Life

Aka it’s ERAMUS baby! Although if we were to get technical I’m not actually an ERAMUS student. The point is though, that the ERAMUS/Exchange student lifestyle is absolutely crazy. Take this past week for example. I’m having extreme difficulty remembering exactly what I did when, but I ┬ádo know that everything I did was awesome […]

Waterfalls and How They Aid Decision Making

Last Saturday was, in short, a beautiful (if cold) day. It was the perfect day for our mini-Salzburgerland road-trip. I’m not going to lie and say that we all packed into the car bright and early that morning, but the point is that we did leave when we planned to. And the rest of the […]

No Kangaroos in Austria

It was my second day in the country when I was confronted with a magnet bearing this slogan. How very welcoming of them, I thought, to remind of how I’m not at home. It even looks like an Aussie road sign “Kangaroos, Next 10 km” for crying out loud, I think the Austrians are just […]