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My Big Bad Bucket List of Awesomenesss

I wrote my ‘Big Bad To-Do List of Awesomeness’ 6 months ago (which you can find here). At that point I had thought I would be back in Australia by now. I’m not, and somewhere between the ups and downs of ‘holy-shit-I’m-still-here’, and the recent passing of my 20th birthday, I’ve started to think that […]

An Aussie in Europe: Things You Will Be Asked

Naturally, growing up in Australia meant that for me meeting another Aussie was not a big deal. After 6 months in Europe however, I have come to realise that we are in fact fascinating, exotic human beings. And while I love to share the Australian culture with foreigners, I have come to notice a pattern. […]

3 Reasons to Vote for Me, and 1 Reason not to

Oh yes, yes I am. I’m writing a post all about why you should vote for me in the Big Blog Exchange. As if the fun, flashing little box to the right of the screen and my amazing writing skills aren’t reason enough, I write today with the sole intention of conning you into voting […]

I’m Dreaming of an Aussie Christmas

Eight days ’til Christmas! That’s how I would normally be at this point in the year. Yes, I am a ┬ánineteen year old who still gets excited about Christmas. But right now, I’m listening to Christmas music, watching Christmas movies and seeing all the Christmas things in shops and yet I just don’t have that […]

No Kangaroos in Austria

It was my second day in the country when I was confronted with a magnet bearing this slogan. How very welcoming of them, I thought, to remind of how I’m not at home. It even looks like an Aussie road sign “Kangaroos, Next 10 km” for crying out loud, I think the Austrians are just […]

My Big Bad To-Do List of Awesomeness

In my defence, I started my list back home just after I’d finished packing. But now I’m sitting near Gate 19 at Doha international airport, and I figured since I still have 3 hours until my flight and 4 hours of battery left on my laptop, I’d better try to finish this before I get […]

Things I’ve learnt: Visa applications

3. Visa applications are more complicated than we give them credit for. Or at least for myself as a domestic student and Australian citizen, who’s never had to apply for any kind of visa before. It’s a process that is just as long and complicated as a passport application. Not to mention the fact that […]