Monthly Archives: May 2013

Just a Normal Day in Istanbul

I don’t fall in love easily. Especially with big cities, but somehow Istanbul won my heart. I suspect it is in part thanks to the four fantastic friends I was lucky enough to explore the city with, after all travelling with good friends always makes a huge difference to the experience. I have wanted to go […]

Three Days in Paris

They say getting there is half the fun. In this case I disagree. When you’re occasionally prone to motion sickness, getting there can be no fun. At all. Such is the case with the 12 hour overnight bus trip from Munich to Paris. But, boy was it worth it. I can happily cross Paris off […]

A Short Summary of a Semester Abroad

When I finally received my letter of acceptance But then I had to apply for my visa So when I finally made it to Europe everything was full of wonder. I started to make friends, but there was that one British guy who always made convict jokes. And when I’d tell people I didn’t drink […]