A Week in the Life

Aka it’s ERAMUS baby!

Although if we were to get technical I’m not actually an ERAMUS student. The point is though, that the ERAMUS/Exchange student lifestyle is absolutely crazy. Take this past week for example. I’m having extreme difficulty remembering exactly what I did when, but I  do know that everything I did was awesome in one way or another. And just to prove it I’m going to try and give an accurate, chronological account of last week in all its glory.

Sunday was a day that saw us once again packed into a car and heading off to enjoy the great outdoors. This time our destination was Lake Königssee just across the border in Germany. The plan was to take a hiking route up one of the mountains to get a view over the lake. To be completely honest, things didn’t quite happen that way. We got distracted by a flea market before we’d even crossed the border. Then we got a little bit lost. And when we did arrive at the lake we were again distracted, this time by souvenir stands (predominantly the kind with shiny rocks),  a bobsled track, photo ops and the need to eat. By the time we decided to actually start hiking it was after 12, and we got lost again trying to find the beginning of the trail. In the end we never made it to the top, but we had a great time regardless.

The first half of the week was quiet and consisted mostly of classes, studying and household chores. And of course lots of chillin’ with friends. But the weekend began on Thursday for me, because like many of the other incomings I didn’t have class on Friday. So how did we kick off our weekend, and what was it like?

Well, Thursday night started with dinner with a few friends at my placae before heading out to karaoke at an Irish bar in the city centre. We took the last train back to the dorms, and settled for the evening. Friday morning saw us up and catching the train at 9 am to go on another hike. This time we didn’t get quite so distracted and ended up walking for about five hours. Amongst other things we saw very cute countryside houses, some lovely views and a herd of very friendly cows. Some of us even rolled down the more grassy slopes. I decided I didn’t want a rash, so I walked down instead. By the time we got back to the dorms in the early evening we were all pretty worn out. Of course that didn’t stop myself and some of the girls from watching a chick flick before bed.

Saturday morning found three of us heading to Europark. As far as things go, I think Europark is one of the biggest shopping centres I’ve ever been to. Why were we there? Shopping, of course. There was a party on that evening and the theme was black and white, so myself and my two companions  decided we needed to buy some new clothes. We returned at lunch with just enough time to play a few games of volleyball before I joined the party organisers on another shopping trip. But this time we were shopping for booze. I don’t want to dwell on how much we bought, or how much was spent on it, but let’s just go with a lot for both.

At the party I got to play at being a DJ and was there partying until after 4am Sunday morning. Unfortunately, I’d also made plans for Sunday morning, so I managed a few hours of sleep and then headed out to a flea market. Which, as it turns out was the best decision I’d made all week because at the flea market, I bought a dirndl. For 25 euro.

Cue a photo shoot that afternoon and you have a summary of what a week in the life of an exchange student it like. And what about this week, you might ask? Well, last night I went to the Russian ballet, there’s another big party tomorrow night and I’m organising a big Asian/Turkish food night for next Monday. Oh, it’s going to be another good week.



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