My Big Bad To-Do List of Awesomeness

In my defence, I started my list back home just after I’d finished packing. But now I’m sitting near Gate 19 at Doha international airport, and I figured since I still have 3 hours until my flight and 4 hours of battery left on my laptop, I’d better try to finish this before I get to Rome. So to start the ball rolling I’ve got my to-do list I’d like to share.

  1. Be a Roman Gladiator for a day. Or at least a few hours.
  2. Eat spaghetti, pizza and gelato in Italy.
  3. Go on a Gondola ride through the canals of Venice.
  4. Throw some coins into the Trevi Fountain.
  5. Eat churros, tapas and paellas in Spain.
  6. Have a look at the weird brown pointiness of La Sagrada Familia.
  7. Chill on the beach in Ibiza.
  8. Visit Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna.
  9. Learn to ski/snowboard and how to play the piano in Salzburg.
  10. Buy Gingerbread at the Christmas markets in Austria.
  11. Visit Germany, Switzerland and Hungary while I’m in Europe.
  12. Achieve some level of fluency in German.

Putting some of this stuff on the list could be considered cheating, since some of it’s included or options for my two Contiki tours. But at the same time they’re things I’ve always wanted to do, and that’s part of the reason why I chose my two particular tours.

Now a quick summary of my 11 hour flight to Doha from Perth. In short Qatar airlines is great. They even gave us lollies before take off. However, waiting at the airport for nearly 7 hours on your own isn’t so fun. But taking into consideration I had an entire row of seats on the plane to myself, I’m not going to complain. For those who haven’t had the fun of having the whole row of seats to yourself, I pity you. It was my first international flight in quite a while and having all that space and privacy was fantastic. Not that I did much more than sleep or watch movies the whole time. Here’s a hint watch “Mirror, Mirror,” one of the dwarves is from Pirates of the Caribbean.

I feel I should also share that I’m pretty pumped right now. And more than a little nervous. I get the feeling that this 6 months will fly by and by the end of it I won’t want to come back to Aus. So right here, right now I going to leave a little message for future me. Something to remind me why I have to come back.

Dear future me, six months from now remember these things about Australia. They’re just some of reasons why you’ll have to come back.

  1. Remember the way that when you’re in your home town you can stand on a hill on one side of the town see across to the farms. Remember how dry they look in summer, the yellow of the canola and the green of the wheat when they’re growing, and the mist that covers them in winter. Remember the leaky roof of your holiday workplace and how we always joke that one day the whole place will fall down. Remember the high school and the friends you made there. Remember your love for your home town and your family who lives there. 
  2. Remember Fremantle. Remember the pizzas, the fish & chips, the cheesecakes and the chai lattes. Remember walking down to the beach at night to watch the blackness of the ocean. Remember how hard you’d try to not get splashed. Remember the weekend trips to the markets and coming back overloaded with fresh fruit and veg. Remember your uni friends, and everything they’ve taught you; the peduncles connect the cerebellum to the brain stem, cipote and chichi mean different things depending on if you’re in Spain or Latin America and the Malaysian food lover stereotype is not misplaced. 
  3. Remember your pets. Your cat won’t have missed you at all, but your dog will have.

Oh, and while I remember there’s one thing I’d like to add to my to-do list.

13. Invade a Swiss chocolate factory.




  1. Glad to see you didn’t waste to much time in Doha. Lucky you with the seating, a whole row, no snoring next door neghbour, or weirdo who keeps leaning your way to rest their head on your shoulder while they fall asleep. Lucky thing.
    Just as well you mentioned coming back to your family in Katanning or I would’ve been peeved plus, but I must admit with you over there it makes the absolute perfect excuse to holiday over there, so hanging out for Christmas.
    If you raid the Swiss chocolate factory leave some for me.
    And your cat does miss you, when she’s feeling cold and there is only me to cuddle up next too, it was so much warmer when you were on the other side of her as well.
    Love you heaps, take care and looking forward to the gladiator photos.

  2. […] wrote my ‘Big Bad To-Do List of Awesomeness’ 6 months ago (which you can find here). At that point I had thought I would be back in Australia by now. I’m not, and somewhere […]

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