Monthly Archives: August 2012

To Italy, from Spain

Without meaning to offend the Hetalia characters who are running around in my head whenever I talk about countries in this way, I feel I should say I already like Spain more than Italy. Maybe it’s because I can speak more Spanish than Italian, or maybe because my hostel in Madrid is walking distance to […]

The City that Floats

 I know now that technically Venice isn’t floating, it’s resting on a bed of petrified wood. But floating sounds much more romantic. And wow. Venice was everything I had hoped it would be. For a long time now the city of Venice has been a place that completely captured my imagination and I spent a […]

5 Days in Italy, the Short Version

I’ve been in Italy for five days now and there are a few things that have really struck me about this country. They are small things that keep popping up, and have yet to cease amusing me. Firstly, the red traffic light is often bigger than the orange and green lights. I suppose this is […]

My Big Bad To-Do List of Awesomeness

In my defence, I started my list back home just after I’d finished packing. But now I’m sitting near Gate 19 at Doha international airport, and I figured since I still have 3 hours until my flight and 4 hours of battery left on my laptop, I’d better try to finish this before I get […]