Things I’ve learnt, and I haven’t even left yet: Passport Applications

My plane doesn’t leave for another twenty days, and even then my semester in Austria doesn’t start until September 3rd, but I feel I’ve already learnt some lessons worth sharing. So here we go, the first in a short series addressing things I’ve learnt about travelling and studying abroad while my feet were still firmly on Aussie soil.

1. Don’t try to apply for your passport half way through moving house.

Or more specifically, don’t try to apply for your passport when you’ve just sold one house, bought another and moved into a rental. It’s easy to explain to the people at the post office that the address on your driver’s licence doesn’t match the address you’ve given on the application because you’ve just moved house. What’s hard to explain is that, no, you don’t have anything official showing your new address because you’re not actually living there yet. And no, you can’t have something posted to that address in the next few days because there are actually other people living there, which is why you’re renting another, completely different house.

And once you’ve finished explaining that it’s off to the bank, in hopes that they can somehow help the situation by giving you a bank statement with the new address on it without actually having to post it. Insert another long winded explanation of your current housing situation. All I can say is thank God for E-statements, and the people at the bank being clever enough to think of using them as a solution for the problem.

Oh, and another reason you shouldn’t try to apply for your passport while moving house? Well, you know how when you’re moving house it’s hard to find anything your looking for? Especially all the important documents you might need for your passport application? Yeah, things like your mother’s birth certificate, your mother’s original birth certificate (because the one you found at first was just a photocopy),  your mother’s passport and finally your father’s citizenship certificate (because your mum’s passport wasn’t current at the time of your birth) all become incredibly difficult to find when you’re moving house.

Especially when everyone else is more concerned about finding the remote for the tv and setting up the Kinect.



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