Monthly Archives: July 2012

Things I’ve learnt: Visa applications

3. Visa applications are more complicated than we give them credit for. Or at least for myself as a domestic student and Australian citizen, who’s never had to apply for any kind of visa before. It’s a process that is just as long and complicated as a passport application. Not to mention the fact that […]

Things I’ve learnt: Budgeting

2. Budget. Reassess your budget. Over estimate. Triple check everything. A good calculator and some mental maths skills go a long way too. Just because you used to be good at maths, doesn’t mean you still are. And just because you did double check it with a calculator, doesn’t mean it’s right. If you forget […]

Things I’ve learnt, and I haven’t even left yet: Passport Applications

My plane doesn’t leave for another twenty days, and even then my semester in Austria doesn’t start until September 3rd, but I feel I’ve already learnt some lessons worth sharing. So here we go, the first in a short series addressing things I’ve learnt about travelling and studying abroad while my feet were still firmly […]